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Exciting New Changes at Landmark Creations

Tom Meacham - Upsize Mag 2004

A lot has been happening at landmark creations, and we think you'll agree that these recent developments are good news for our customers and our team.

In January 2020, Tom Meacham, the long-time face of Landmark Creations, stepped back from involvement in day-to-day operations.

Throughout the turbulent pandemic, Tom continued to work on installations for major inflatable projects while lending his steady hand to every aspect of the upcoming transition. Today he serves as a trusted consultant, involved in high-level strategy as well as hands-on decisions, but he has made room for a new leader.

In his place, his wife and business partner, Stephanie Meacham, has stepped up to become Landmark's president. She's committed to continuing the Landmark Creations legacy of building a great team and offering stellar customer service, with the same personal attention Landmark Creations has built a reputation for. In fact, it will only get better.

While maintaining long-held company traditions, Stephanie has also implemented some changes that make Landmark Creations more agile and flexible – more responsive to client needs in a post-pandemic environment. For starters, she has expanded the team and de-centralized Stephanie Meacham Interviews & New Role at Landmarkthe whole organization.


When Landmark Creations started back in 1993, it handled basic, static inflatables. Today it creates a wide variety of complex installations, many of them interactive and incredibly sophisticated. In fact, Landmark Creations’ inflatables now grace the stages of world-renowned productions featuring A-list artists like Katy Perry and Ariana Grande.

This evolution has brought some challenges. To meet these, Stephanie expanded the existing staff, adding talented employees to round out the crack team of gifted creatives and design-build artisans, who can go from concept to on-site construction without even missing a beat.

Throughout it all, Stephanie and her seasoned team remain responsive to each client's needs – carefully listening, fine-tuning, adjusting, customizing. Our goal: to deliver a finished product that surpasses expectations.

Featured in Landmarketing Issue 63