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All About Blowers | Custom Inflatables Accessories

Guide to Choosing a BlowerWhat Are Blowers?

How do you turn your custom inflatable from a heap of colorful fabric into an awesome eye-popping shape? With an electric-powered blower.

Blowers come in all types, shapes, and sizes, but all serve the same basic purpose: They push air into your inflatable and apply pressure to that air in order to transform your inflatable into its final form – a stunning arch, tower, tunnel, product replica, team mascot, you name it.

Which Blower Is Best for My Project?

Not all blowers work with all inflatable designs. So, how can you tell which models will suit your particular project? Leave it to Landmark. Drawing on years of experience, your Landmark design team will choose just the right blower to meet your specific needs.

Just be sure to let us know your requirements upfront. For example, if blower noise is a major concern for your space, please address this specifically when discussing your order.