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Custom Pricing for Custom Inflatables

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Why aren't there any prices listed on your site?

Because we create custom inflatables we have no set price list. Each project is quoted based on your precise specifications.  As you might expect, a 6-foot sealed inflatable sphere with a simple design will cost significantly less than a 30-foot tall product replica.

Depending on the type and size, custom inflatables from Landmark Creations can run between $500 and $25,000.  Every aspect of your project is considered so you get the perfect size for your event(s) along with exacting detail in the design and production of your balloon. What's more, the use of premium materials guarantees true value that performs well for years to come. The results are obvious the first time your inflatable goes public: crowds look, people gather and cameras begin to click. That's the Landmark advantage.

We have helped companies get the most for their promotional dollars since 1986. Regardless of the marketing level, inflatables shine by increasing exposure and creating intrigue for events and products.  You'll find many case studies that demonstrate how custom inflatables from Landmark Creations improve results.

Not ready for a custom balloon?  If you have a smaller budget (under $500), we'll be glad to refer you to a vendor who specializes in the type of inflatable you're looking for. Other good resources include or even Walmart, eBay and party supply stores if you're looking for yard inflatables.

Is That Inflatable Really a Bargain?

It never fails. You get quotes on new inflatables and one quote is much lower than the others. You go with the bargain company thinking you’ve saved your company or client several hundred dollars. Soon afterward you begin having trouble with your purchase. As it turns out, this “bargain-priced” inflatable doesn’t have much “value.”

The old saying, “You get what you pay for” really is true. Yes, there are companies out there who can and do offer rock bottom pricing on inflatables. However, if you look closely at the major differences they don’t tell you about, you’ll quickly see that saving a little money on the front end can cause you or your client lots of heartache and frustration down the road.

Quality Adds To the Cost

When you purchase a quality inflatable, it will be designed to last for years to come, to install flawlessly every time, and to hold up well through many inflations, deflations and shipments. That’s because quality inflatables (like the ones Landmark Creations offers) have certain things in common.


Look for double-stitched seams at the pressure points. Also, ask questions about the specifics of the anchoring system. Nothing ruins a promotion more quickly than an inflatable that tries to “fly away” in the middle of all the fun. Does your inflatable look “lumpy?” That means extra care was not taken with the baffling. Inflatables of questionable quality will lack a smooth, flat surface. Also, pay attention to the design. Is it realistic? Does it match your logo, mascot, or product? Unrealistic replicas really damage branding.


Look for premium quality materials that are flame-retardant!


Wind, rain and other weather elements really wreak havock on inflatables. The hardware included with your balloon should be of the highest quality in order to keep your inflatable steady and in place throughout your promotion.


None of the above really matters if you don’t have an inflatable that looks exactly like you imagined. Poor artwork and craftsmanship can lead to a replica of your product or mascot that appears “cheap.” Be sure the artist and his/her staff are skilled and talented with reproductions of this type.

Once you have the whole story about the quotes you’ve received, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about which inflatable truly offers the most value for the price.