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Artwork: The Make-or-Break Element of Your Inflatable

Custom Inflatable Dala Horse at American Swedish InstituteIf You Think About It, Custom Inflatables Are Really Just a Giant Piece of Artwork

While the size and shape can be designed and produced without images, your inflatable won't take on its personality without artwork.

As vital as this element of the process is, you might think it would be one of the most pressing issues inflatables’ manufacturers address.  Not so.  In fact, other manufacturers often downplay it so much that the overall look and quality of your inflatable suffer just so that the manufacturer can offer a lower price. That's because artwork greatly affects the pricing; sometimes even more than the size of the inflatable.

Choosing the correct method and sending high-quality art files on time for your custom inflatable is a cornerstone of how the project will turn out.

Here at Landmark, we use digital printing to incorporate art. Some inflatable manufacturers focus on getting the price as low as possible and choose whichever art method it takes to make it cheaply. This means the overall end product will almost certainly suffer the consequences through fading and peeling. We take pride in the quality of our products which is why we have moved to all digital art. 

Getting Your Artwork Approved

Getting artwork approved can become one of the biggest challenges for meeting project deadlines. Too often, inflatable manufacturers will commit to deadlines without completely explaining the need for artwork.  These companies collect your down payment (50% is standard) and then leave the rest for you to worry about, which can ultimately result in significant project delays.

At Landmark, we pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and exceeding our customers’ expectations.  We prefer to be upfront about what is required to get the projects completed on time and looking better than expected.

This usually involves three steps:

  1. Delivery of Art Files - Because the artwork you send will be used as-is, specific requirements must be met.  You'll find complete instructions here for preparing and delivering art files for best results.
  2. Agreement on Artwork Method - We'll make suggestions as to what we feel is the best fit for your project. Once the method is approved, the process can begin.
  3. Approval of Art Concept - Once you submit your art files, we'll work up a computer-generated concept for you to approve.  This usually consists of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional rendering of how the finished inflatable will look.

With some preparation and a good education about what's expected and how it will impact the finished product, your custom inflatable will be created with stellar results.