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Next-Level Hot Air Balloon Replicas

custom inflatable hot air shape replica next to image of hot air balloon for Indian Pueblo Hot Air BalloonTaking Hot Air Balloon Shapes to New Heights

If you’ve done a lot of driving through commercial shopping districts, you’ve probably spotted a few Hot Air Shapes (HAS). These classic inflatable replicas – shaped like authentic hot air balloons – tower atop retail establishments such as department stores and auto dealerships. Often they’ll also make an appearance at special events like trade shows, festivals, and grand openings.

Visible from miles away, these giant custom inflatables attract the attention of passing motorists. And that, of course, is the entire point – which is why they usually boast colorful branding and messaging. Most of the HAS inflatables you’ll see around town have simple, standardized designs – basic balloon shapes, nothing more.

But, here at Landmark Creations, we’re taking HAS technology to exciting new heights. Using our advanced processes, we can create high-end custom replicas of specific hot air balloons, complete with realistic details and sophisticated designs. Check out our replica of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center's hot air shape! Our goal is to give our customers even more visibility. To that end we can provide:

  • Fabricated baskets that look just like the passenger gondolas used for genuine hot air balloons
  • Eye-popping LED light displays integrated into the design
  • Full digital printing for superior artistry and more impactful branding
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Pick points for hanging, so your inflatable replica can float like a real hot air balloon

Ask us how a customized HAS inflatable can help enhance your impact at your next event.