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Custom Inflatable Replica Gives Students a Whale of a Science Lesson

Giant inflatable whale exhibit in exhibit of schoolLife-Size Inflatable Replica Shows Students the Up-Close Reality of a Giant Humpback Whale

Have you ever seen a humpback whale, right up close and personal? These magnificent creatures can measure up to 48 feet long (for males) and up to 52 feet (for females).

Few people can grasp the magnitude of the humpback's massive size. That's why Robyn Ehrlich asked Landmark Creations to craft an inflatable replica of a fully grown humpback whale for display at public schools.

As Education Manager for the nonprofit Pacific Whale Foundation, Ehrlich aims to help students "make connections to marine life," so they'll "be inspired to learn more and take action to protect" endangered species.

With Ehrlich's guidance, Landmark created a giant inflatable tunnel resembling a typical humpback. Dubbed 'Ohana, the custom inflatable is authentic in every detail, right down to the huge, humpy body and white-and-black dorsal fins.

Thanks to 'Ohana's tunnel design, students can explore her distinctive anatomy inside as well as out. According to Ehrlich, they're typically "awestruck" by everything they see.

Ehrlich is thrilled with 'Ohana. "Accuracy was very important to us," she says, "and the team at Landmark Creations worked with us to modify the dimensions of the inflatable to be as accurate to the true proportions of a humpback whale as possible." 

What's more, she explains, "the entrance to our inflatable allows us to safely bring groups into and out of the whale without significant deflation (which we have seen in some [other] versions), and provides easy access for students with limited mobility."

Inflatable Whale Facial Detail