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Inflatable Replica Bottle Raises Visibility for New Craft Vodka

custom inflatable Gray Duck Vodka Bottle at Baseball GameCustom inflatable vodka bottle generates marketing buzz

The global vodka industry is dominated by huge corporations, so how can a small Midwest startup stand out in that crowded field?

This was the challenge facing Minnesota-based Gray Duck Vodka

Founded in 2018 by four friends – including former Minnesota Vikings captain Chad Greenway – Gray Duck produces gourmet vodka handcrafted from grains homegrown in fertile midwestern fields. To date, this signature vodka has garnered five gold medals in the Denver International Spirits Competition, and it's a favorite with vodka connoisseurs throughout the upper Midwest.

But the Gray Duck folks wanted to let even more people know about their vodka's award-winning taste.

So, on the recommendation of Ingster Experiential, a marketing agency based in Minnesota's Twin Cities, Gray Duck turned to Landmark Creations.

Working with Gray Duck executive Andrea Yoch, Landmark designed and built a huge inflatable Gray Duck vodka bottle – realistic in every detail, right down to the shimmer on the "glass."

Towering 10 feet tall, the custom inflatable makes a dramatic impact. It's been a focal point at marketing event tours, point-of-purchase displays, and major sporting events. And customers are impressed. 

According to Yoch, the Gray Duck bottle is an "easy-to-use marketing tool" that has "increased attention and visibility at stores." And that's just for starters. Cheers!