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Golf Ball Inflatable Sphere Drives Foot Traffic at Legendary Celebrity Tournament

Korbel Golf BallGiant Golf Ball Inflatable Promotes Brand & Responsible Drinking

"Celebrate responsibly." That's the message promoted by Korbel, the legendary California winemakers. For three years now, they've been bringing this powerful message to the American Century Celebrity Championship at Lake Tahoe.

The medium for the message? A giant inflatable golf ball, designed and built by Landmark Creations.

 Towering 20 feet high, with a five-foot diameter, the huge ball definitely gets attention. In fact, every year it draws increased foot traffic to Korbel's booth at the tournament. According to spokeswoman Hope Melton, returning visitors even seek the ball out: "It has become part of their expectations for the event."

Many visitors sign the inflatable golf ball to show that they've taken the "Responsibility Pledge," a promise to drink in moderation. Says Melton, "They love to sign the ball and take photos." Plus, they get to pick up fun free mementos along with tips for drinking responsibly.

Why did Korbel choose Landmark to create their gigantic golf ball? Melton cites "exceptional quality" and notes that Landmark was "very responsive – excellent to work with!"

Clearly, the partnership has paid off: Korbel's Tahoe ball has proved so popular that it's been recreated for other events across the country. Says Melton, "It's a fun and engaging way to increase brand awareness, drive foot traffic, and encourage responsible drinking."