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Giant Inflatable Tent Becomes Focal Point of Festival

SOCO Inflatable TentInflatable Tent Becomes an Instant Attraction at National Comedy Festival

Because Red Moon Marketing specializes in results-driven programs using eye-catching creativity, they are well aware of the powerful impact inflatables can have.

When you're promoting a client (in this case, Southern Comfort) at a crowded national event, having a focal point is critical so you can interact with as many people as possible. This is precisely why Red Moon opted to use an inflatable tent as Southern Comfort's display at the Oddball Comedy Festival.

Vice President Greg Luehrs explains, "The Southern Comfort inflatable spider tent became an instant attraction for fans attending the festival. Red Moon tours around the U.S. to 18 markets, fueling the crowds with the signature fruit and spice liqueur beverage, and had to have a proper venue to provide an interactive experience for attendees along the way."

The bright colors and enormous size made it easy for people to see the tent from a distance. On a sunny afternoon, the inflatable also provided some welcome shade.

"Foot traffic was always steady from open to close, which led to increased product sales. The feedback we received on our display is fantastic and it all starts with the first thing they see, the SOCO Spider Inflatable!"