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Custom Inflatable Distillery Makes a Spirited Impact

Inbox Beverage Distillery's custom inflatable fermentation display in booth spaceCustom Inflatable Replica Brews Excitement at Distillery Tradeshow

Let’s say you own a company that builds turnkey distilleries and breweries inside giant shipping containers. Your goal? To help brewers and distillers launch successful operations without investing a fortune.

But, to achieve your end, you have to get the word out. That means displaying your equipment at tradeshows and other exhibitions.

There’s just one problem. Your equipment weighs hundreds of pounds. Constructed of copper and stainless steel, it’s far too heavy and bulky to haul from tradeshow to tradeshow.

So, what do you do? If you’re Max Fann, founder and CEO of Inbox Beverage, you turn to Landmark Creations.

At Fann’s behest, Landmark created an inflatable replica of Inbox’s fermentation equipment. Standing 8 feet high and 8 feet wide, this scale-model custom inflatable exactly resembles an actual Inbox distillery. Yet it weighs only 40 pounds, so it’s easy to transport anywhere.

Hoping to gain recognition for his innovative system, Fann introduced the giant inflatable at the American Distilling Institute Tradeshow. The impact was immediate. “We received a lot of praise from the show-goers for our ingenuity,” Fann relates. “We received increased sales and increased foot traffic. We were very satisfied with the success!”

Why did Fann choose Landmark? “I heard from a previous customer of the great work Landmark does,” he says. “And the intel did not lie!”